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VAT registration – Foreign entities

VAT registration – foreign entities

Greece, as being an EU member state, falls under the EU VAT regime. Standard VAT rate is 24%, redused VAT rates are 6,5% and 13%.
VAT registration is mandatory for foreign EU companies that perform distance sales to Greece, when the taxable transactions exceed the 35000 euro limit, even if they don’t have any establishment in the country. VAT registration is also mandatory for foreign EU companies that provide specific services to non-taxable persons in Greece, such as services related to land property statewide, mediation services, transportation and related services, holding of certain events, etc. Our office also completes the “sign in process” to greek tax system and provides detailed information about submitting the VAT return statement and paying the tax.

VAT registration is mandatory for foreign companies that want to own a permanent establishment in the country. The process differs a lot from the first case, and a good accountant is essential to prepare and submit all the necessary documents and statements required by the country’s National Tax Authorities.